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WHAM has been in the auction business for over 20 years and belongs to State and National Governing Organizations.


We specialize in the following:

  • Auction & Liquidation
    • Probate- we are experts in the probate field working many years with the leading local probate attorneys, trust officers & conservators of estates.
    • Estates & Trusts
    • Partial & Full Estates
    • Business liquidation
    • Fine Art, Antiques & Collectibles
    • Farm & Heavy Equipment
    • Auto
  • Appraisals- personal property
  • Real Estate
  • Senior Services

Feel free to contact us, we are here to answer any questions you might have. 

The WHAM Auction Process

We have handled all types of auctions from business liquidations to personal estates. Our outstanding marketing department assures your auction will be powerfully marketed to a global audience to ensure each auction reaches its fullest potential . WHAM has one of the largest followings in the upstate with a customer base of over 15,000.
All your questions are welcome at WHAM.  Any reputable auction company should be willing to take as much time with you as is necessary to put your mind at ease... after all, you are entrusting them with your valuable possessions.

Personal Property

Once you choose the auction company, the process begins. Please be cautioned - do not throw away ANYTHING! You could throw away a treasure, so let a professional make that call. All you need to do is take what you plan to keep and turn the key over to the auction company. That is where our service begins.

The auction company will come into your home, do an inventory, take pictures to begin the marketing process and the ball is now rolling... it takes at least four weeks to properly market a home and/or contents for auction. The auction company will come into your home, sort through and professionally stage the items to best maximize their sales potential.  If any personal belongings should be discovered, our company will make a box of belongings to bring to you after the process... ask beforehand about this. The home will be cleaned, yard manicured - everything will be made "sale ready".

All proceeds of the auction along with a detailed accounting of each lot sold will be turned over to you in a timely manner.

Real Estate

If real property is involved, an open house is in order to show the desirability of the home or commercial property. Also, in addition to receiving a complete bidder's information package, this is a time for a licensed real estate professional to answer any questions about the property, so the buyers will feel they can bid with confidence. We also provide a professional video tour of the property at seller's option.  After the auction, your property will be broom cleaned and ready to turn over to the "new owner".

At auction of real property, the high bidder is required to put a down payment of a percentage of the high bid, this is non-refundable and the balance is due in 30 days. At auction, the buyer pays ALL the closing cost as well as our commission. This will leave you paying a nominal advertising expense up-front, which is usually offset by the closing cost.

Senior Services

Wham has always been dedicated to the Seniors in the Upstate, tending to all their asset liquidation needs, while holding their hands throughout the entire process.
For families who live out of town and have a Senior parent in need of  liquidating, auction is definitely the way to go. All the worry and time factors are handled by someone else. And for the Senior, having strangers come into the home is just not a safe way to sell anymore.

Do Auctions work?

Without a doubt! The auction method of marketing is only an accelerated means of selling your belongings, one that produces results, one that brings the most money to the table in the shortest amount of time, one that takes ALL the work off your shoulders and places it on ours.

Don't be afraid of an unfamiliar process, have an auction professional come to your home and explain the ease and benefits of "Selling at auction"!

Appraisals - Personal Property

The WHAM Personal Property Appraisal team is one of the most accomplished in the region. Each appraiser holds a GPPA designation and complies with standards set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Foundation, Inc., in Washington, DC. WHAM can handle appraisals in the following fields: Probate, Estate Taxes and Estate Planning, Insurance, Divorce, Charitable Donations, Pre-Acquisition & Pre-Sale In addition WHAM also has on staff a NAA Certified Estate Specialist. Our appraisers have participated in extensive course completion and testing and have been awarded advance certification through the Auction Marketing Institute in the fields of antiques and residential contents appraisals, as well as in plant equipment and machinery evaluations. At WHAM all of the appraisals are confidential and each one is printed and electronically cataloged and/or videoed.

As part of our full line of services, WHAM also offers independent appraisals for personal belongings whose values need to be updated or determined from time to time, whether it be for personal knowledge or use in the event of theft or burglary and insurance purposes. Determining relevant values for your treasured personal belongings could prove to be invaluable.
You can search near and far, and you won't find a more capable appraisal team.
Our Clients say
I just wanted to let you know the quilts arrived last week and are beautiful. Thank you so much for selling these wonderful quilts and the honesty in your listings. I work with many auction houses and today for example a beautiful circa 1900 handmade quilt had a 6" hole in the middle which was not listed. Can't fix or ...
Patti Murray - Buyer
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